Month: November 2017

Exorcising Evil Spirits

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If you’re having a lot of difficulties in your family life, it will help to perform an Exorcism Ceremony to drive out all of the Evil Spirits. If you want, you can invite a Buddhist monk or several monks to perform this ceremony for you, but its not difficult to do it yourself as long as you are courageous, and sincerely committed to doing it thoroughly. Don’t miss out any step. First of all, take […]

Idiot Compassion

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Spoiling with too much Kindness Parents and grandparents who are too kind to children spoil their character. Doing whatever one wants, and being given everything that one asks for, is not the way for children to learn and grow up. They should be taught the values of contentment, gratitude, respect, and frugality from a young age. As my mother once said, when I asked for another apple: “Apples don’t grow on trees.” Well, we know […]

Why are Buddhists Killing the Rohingya People?

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Virtuous Buddhists observe the five precepts, avoiding killing even snakes and scorpions. It is impossible that they would kill defenceless women and children. Not all Buddhists are virtuous. Soldiers, especially, are not famous for abstaining from killing. Buddhists who are normally virtuous sometimes kill in self-defence, e.g. if being attacked or robbed. It is still an unwholesome deed, but less serious. No court should convict them of murder. Unmindful and uneducated Buddhists who have been […]