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A Great Tool for Research

I spend most of the day online, and I use Vivaldi all day even when I am working on my books or website in Serif PagePlus or WebPlus. I use it constantly to look up words, and have the entire Buddhist Canon on my local drive in HTML format for reference to the texts, and a Pali English dictionary that I use to help with translation. By tiling as a grid, I can refer to the Pali text, its Commentary, a translation, and the Pali English Dictionary in one Tab Stack. By saving the tiled tab stack as a session, I can reload it later, or modify it and save the new session for working on a different translation project.

Pali Text, Commentary, Dictionary, and Translation

Custom Search Engines

Besides the usual search engines for DuckDuckGo, Google, and Wikipedia, I have added custom search engines for Acronymns, the Oxford Dictionary, the Pali Text Society Dictionary, and YouTube. (Yes, even on YouTube one can find some useful resources for Buddhist studies). The advantage of a search engine for the PTS Dictionary is that I can search English words to find a similar term in Pali.

Notes Panel

Vivaldi Notes can be used simply for boiler-plate text that one uses frequently. These can be inserted with access key shortcuts alone after doing Shift F10, I, followed by the first letter of a folder, then the first letter of a note. For example, Shift+F10, I, V, S will insert my system specs.

Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.253 • Snapshot 2.3.1420.4 (64-bit)

Bing Translation Panel

Occasionally, I need to translate some text from or to another language. This can be done easily in a Web Panel, where I keep the Bing Translator.

Parfois, j’ai besoin de traduire un texte de ou vers une autre langue. Cela peut être fait facilement dans un panneau Web, où je garde le traducteur Bing. 

Vivaldi for Mobile

An Android version of Vivaldi is now available.

A Full Review of Vivaldi on, my website for reviews of my favourite software. Here, I keep track of changes with each new Snapshot, and illustrate some of the most useful features and settings.

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  1. chicksandwaffles says

    omg thanks for mentioning the custom search engines. I personally prefer the Oxford Dictionary than the national one here in the States.

    happy 2019 to you x

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