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I have updated my Pali OpenType font to include all of the currency symbols, including those new in Unicode version 10.0

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I need fonts with a wide range of diacritics for Pāḷi and Sanskrit words in Buddhist Publications. Over the years I have added a full set of Latin Extended Additional for the benefit of Vietnamese Buddhists, basic Greek, and a full set of Miscellaneous Symbols and Dingbats.

Version 10.0 of Unicode added another currency symbol for Bitcoin. I have added this to my latest fonts to complete support for the Currency Symbols character set.

OpenType features were added using FontCreator 11.0 from High-Logic.

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Latest Updates

Earlier versions used Contextual Ligatures for Velthuis Encoding of Pāḷi, which led to problems for some users. These newer versions now use a Stylistic Set, which is not enabled by default.

A Bitcoin currency symbol has been added, and some more superscripts and subscripts to use with fractions like (a+b)/c-d).

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